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I know I’m not the only person here who spent a fair bit of my youth waiting anxiously for the next National Geographic to hit the mailbox, bringing more fuzzy pictures of our solar system from the Voyager space probe. I especially remember the Jupiter (1979) and Saturn (1980-81) fly-bys.

Nothing brings those tenterhook-memories back more vividly for me than this grainy animated gif from Voyager’s approach to Jupiter.’s The Big Picture has a feature article this week: “Views of Jupiter“, with pictures of the Jupiter system from a variety of sources including the Galileo project. Check it out, and recapture that feeling of breathless imagination.



Hal Brindley, a wildlife photographer travelling in South Africa, has captured images of a leopard wrestling a crocodile in the Kruger National Park.


Who do you think won? The Telegraph has the series of photos.

[via wtf_nature]


Doctor/Rose ship community time_and_chips has this photomanipped spoof of a romance novel cover. I like the slight touch of subversion there: the Doctor is the one with the ripped bodice.


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  1. I could sit and look at that grainy animated gif of jupiter for hours. oh and i love the picture underneath it would look really cool blown up and on my wall above my bed. yes i used to wait anxiously for nation geographic mags to come. i dont get them anymore. i should. i used to spend hours and hours reading them as a kid. we had hundreds of them in the bookshelves.

    You would think the croc would have one since it has such a hard skin and such a big mouth. he must have pissed off that leopard or maybe the leopard is like our superman and is superleopard and was out to save the other leopards. Amazing since he couldnt even eat the croc. i wonder if he took one of the teeth and made a necklace out of it.

    As for the Doctor Who book cover, isnt there some clever people out there wasting their talents. i guess it isnt wasted too much it has amused us and given alot of us a good laugh. Lets hope she gets a really good job.

    As for me well yes i have had my pain meds
    and i am just using my imagination :o)
    nothing wrong with that is there
    have a good day all

  2. Mrs Grendel still eyes off the precious space occupied by my copies of National Geographic – and that animated gif brings back memories as well as it was one of the very first I downloaded over a 2400 baud rate modem many many (too many) years ago.
    By odd coincidence I also blogged about space images yesterday – NASA have just put a tremendous amount of them online and state that there will be millions of images available within a few months.
    Grendels last blog post..Millions and millions of them!

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