Big Brother Friday: Are they doing it deliberately?

April and Ollie (the ‘clean-living’ Pentecostal preacher’s son) are having a showmance on Big Brother Ten USA. The whole shebang – unprotected PIV sex (he withdrew) and all. Go, abstinence-only education!

Here’s host Julie Chen interviewing them about their showmance, in the presence of all the housemates.


Julie: I sense there’s love in the air in the Big Brother house. April …

April: Yes, Julie?

Julie: What is it about Ollie that first attracted you to him?

April: Wooooow, wow. Yeah. [laughs]

[laughter and applause from the other housemates] [Ollie looks sheepish and/or embarrassed]

April: Um, well Julie, Ollie’s a great guy. He really is. Um, he’s a sweetheart, and he’s really kind, and he’s easy to talk to in the house. I mean this house can really make you go crazy a little bit, and it’s nice when you have someone you can conversate with on an intellectual level.

Julie: Awww. Ollie …

Ollie: Hey Julie, how you doin’. [possessively puts arm around April with a big grin. April looks and laughs.]

Julie: I’m doin’ well.

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4 replies

  1. conversate with on an intellectual level

    Good luck with that, April.

  2. There are layers to this usage. My understanding is that, as well as being a simple error, it’s also fairly recently-coined US African-American slang. I wonder whether she self-consciously chose the word because she was talking about Ollie?
    Either way though, I couldn’t help but remember Christie “I’m intellect!” from Big Brother 5 Australia. She also inadvertently invented “confliction”.

  3. I hadn’t realised that it was slang with a racialised perception to it. Coming along with the “looked into the blacks of his eyes” thing it seems like a weird form of misdirected hypervigilance of word usage is becoming more common.

  4. Oh, and it gets so much worse. April and Ollie have been having what looks to be really bad sex repeatedly in the house. He never touches her except for a few smooches, she just gives him a blow job then he flips her over, fucks her for a minute or two, then withdraws to jerk off on her back. Then he quickly dresses and wanders off. She has requested more, but according to live feed watchers, it’s not been forthcoming.
    Now her period’s late.
    I don’t know whether any of this has been telecast on the show proper.

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