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Update: The voting is all over. Thankyou to everyone who participated!

The 2008 Weblog Awards

The polls are now open in the Weblog Awards.

You can vote once a day for the one-week voting period, so set yourself a reminder now to go back each day.

Vote now for Hoyden About Town in Best Midsize Blog at the Weblog Awards site, then make your way through the other categories to vote for your favourite.

Click here to vote for Hoyden About Town!

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  1. Went back this morning, but voting still disabled. I might have to delete my cookies.
    I have to say I nearly tossed my cookies, though. 😉 I can’t help but feel this competition is a total farce. The front runner by a mile in this category is “Carl in Jerusalem”, a rabid rightwing Likudist apologist for the carnage in Gaza. With things as they are that’s not only patently ridiculous (because who has ever heard of this stoopid blog before) but probably a reason to boycott the whole thing.

  2. And by “patently ridiculous”, I mean “obviously rigged”.

  3. It might be like the Lebanon war when a legion of apologists for the war were mobilized by “Giyus”. On the + side, ignoring the batty blogs, it is good to see Zuky in the hidden gem category. I’m horribly conflicted by the nomination of both Bitch PhD and Jesus’ General in the same category – might have to alternate.

  4. It’s a 24-hour lockout – mine just came up available again.
    Some of the finalist fields are very odd, but I guess they had to rely on whoever people nominated. If you’re not happy with this field, go and nominated in the Bloggies! There’s a Best Aus/NZ category there, too. You need to nominate in at least three categories (very simple – just start with wordpress for best blogging web app, Shakesville for Best Blog about Politics (/group blog/oTY), Hoyden for Best Aus/NZ, then have fun. Or, y’know, whichever you feel better suits these categories.
    (very peculiar right-scrolling page, but it seems to work.)

  5. Congratulations on this — glad to see you guys and Zoe Brain in the finals. Not sure how it works, but hope you do well.

  6. Voting early, voting often, and voting feminist!
    Deborah’s last blog post..What about teh menz?

  7. Been voting for you guys like nobody’s business. I’m so pleased to see you nominated.

  8. I’ve been voting as well, but it looks like that Israeli wingnut has it sewn up 😦

  9. Even though Hoydon didn’t win, I just wanted to say that this blog is tops in my books.

  10. It’s tops in my book, too! And I take solace in the fact that even though you weren’t in the same category as him, you received more votes than Sam de Brito and his All Men Are Liars blog!

  11. Sorry we couldn’t get it over the line – if I’d voted that often in the federal election I’d be under investigation by now!


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