Day: 2009-02-05

Food for thought

PJ, a personal trainer in Brunswick has decided to stack on 40kg (on his current 80kg) and maintain that weight for 3 months, then lose it through diet and exercise at the gym with his clients, so that he can understand what they are going through. Interesting idea.

A women’s safe house in Ngukurr and feelings of inadequacy

It looks like a move towards safety for women and children in NT…But while domestic violence is increasing, its refuges for women and children receive about one-third of the average funding for other similar services in NSW, the Orana Far West Women’s Safe Houses Project report says….So, particularly with regard to violence, the intervention and safe houses, what am I missing here and what would you like to add?

The pain of it all

I hatesssss it when humongous core dump files start appearing in clients’ domain root directories.

That is why I don’t currently have time to blog.

So, if you’ve always thought about submitting a guest post but have held back, please (please!) go for it!