Day: 2009-02-10

Life is too bloody short to faff around with this stupid Nokia 6120

This new phone had lots of bells and whistles, and some of the features are indeed very clever, but somewhere along the line they lost the plot with structuring the menu. The new interface offers a highly counter-intuitive menu, one that makes me want to hurl my phone with great force several times a day as I search through each fecking submenu to find what I want, and which unbelievably offers no way that I or anyone else can find of turning off the “predictive” text unfeature.


If you’re in the bushfire zone looking for something to do to help and you’ve already donated to the Red Cross and the CFA, your local wildlife rescue service could probably do with a hand – ring them and ask them if they need some eucalyptus leaves from your garden trees, or some help filling water containers in the shelters, or just a cash donation.