Day: 2009-02-06

Latisse hits the market.

Glaucoma drug Lumigan (bimatoprost) has been rebadged as Latisse. I’ve talked about the development of bimatoprost into a cosmetic product here in the past.

Latisse joins Botox, Lap-Band, Natrelle breast implants, and collagen injections and implants, in Allergan’s fleecing-women stable of products. No matter what part of your body the Patriarchy has made you feel insecure about, if you have heaps of time, pots of cash, and

Natural vs Artificial Selection

I caught some of an interview on RN yesterday morning with an erudite bioscience type, who made some very nice distinctions about what does and does not constitute evolution, including the provocative statement that in the West, humans have virtually stopped evolving as the term is normally understood (there are caveats and clarifications).