The pain of it all

I hatesssss it when humongous core dump files start appearing in clients’ domain root directories.

That is why I don’t currently have time to blog.

So, if you’ve always thought about submitting a guest post but have held back, please (please!) go for it!

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  1. I actually have a post in the works– I’m just waiting to read a book, which I should get my hands on today, and then I should be able to write it up. 🙂

  2. I occasionally toy with the idea, but then I never seem to come up with anything particularly enlightening. Best wishes with sorting your client issues.

  3. I don’t even know what that means, and I’m kinda glad.

  4. Tell apache to stop freaking out and do what you tell it.

    Stupid deamons, core dumping all over the place. guh

  5. My webhost is good people, so I’m sure they’ll sort it out shortly.
    Someone probably accidentally deleted a crucial semi-colon in a line of code for the PHP config on a new bank of servers or something. It’s not affecting the server that Hoyden is on, just two of my cliens’ sites but not any others that are with the same webhost. Very odd.
    Off to go check the disk usage again!

  6. OT but came across this just now about the abortion ban:
    The Greens are pushing ahead with efforts to overturn Australia’s ban on foreign aid being used for abortion and family planning advice, despite a snag in the Senate. Greens senators had put forward a motion calling on the Senate to overturn the ban, but the Government blocked it.

  7. Disgusting is the word, Rachel. Thanks for the link. Obama lifting the gag rule in his first week really spotlights how KRudd’s team have had a year where the no-funding guideline could have just been cancelled by ministerial fiat and haven’t done so. Hugely disappointing.
    (another time, could you leave OT links in the weekly Otterday Open Thread? That’s what it’s there for. No worries for this time though.)

  8. Yes, of course, will do tigtog.

  9. How does one submit? (or am I being dreadfully dense, because I had a lovely time a while back clicking through all the banner links and just didn’t find it and got distracted)

  10. Been meaning to email you – I have totally misplaced the log-in page and haven’t been able to guest post here since… of course, I may have failed some kind of idiot test for guest blogging there, in which case, as you were.

  11. tigtog(main)…. Ack… gdb-ing through deamon core in production… the symbols are probably stripped out. Don’t envy you.
    When you are talking about semi-colons in conf files, the word “crucial” is redundant – (a bit like saying “the person died because there was a lack of crucial oxygen”)

  12. @ blue milk:
    Sorry about that – I had to change the guest hoyden login ages ago because I personally forgot the pwd and needed to configure something as that user-ID, and I figured that if folks couldn’t get in that they would holla for a hoyden to ask for the new pwd, but instead you all went vewwy vewwy quiet. I still totally luv youse all, really! *just ask for new pwd and you shall receive*

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