I defy you to not at least contemplate trying #15

25 Things I Didn’t Want to Know About You

Honestly, the way some journos react to Facebook memes is a dead giveaway that they’ve only just joined the digital social revolution. Memes like this have been doing the rounds on LJ and blogs for years (and before that on newsgroups and mailing lists) – it’s not a new thing just because it’s new to Facebook. Silly mugginses.

h/t to Jill from Feministe on my Facebook Friends Feed

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  1. Hmm, I wonder if I could unsticky tape my hands without looking like an idiot if I tried #15 now at work.

  2. And the 0b-fat-hate appears in at #2. Douchebag. (The journalist, not the person who originally wrote it.)

  3. #14 will probably be next weeks episode of House.

  4. Tigtog! By bringing the idea of contemplating #15 to our attention, we immediately contemplate it! Now that’s what I’m going to be thinking about today. 😛
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  5. Yes, I admit, I held my hands out in front of me as if my thumbs were taped down, and made little ‘dinosaur’ movements with a look of intense concentration on my face (from imagining I was a dinosaur). In my glassed in office. Sheesh. Time for some coffe/fresh air.
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Ok, I’m going in…

  6. Beppie, maybe #2 isn’t fat-hate, it’s hating being fat in junior high. I hated being fat in junior high, too, and it really was a horror, and I think it’s the kind of horror that doesn’t subside easily.

  7. *facepalm* I resisted trying to be a dinosaur on the first reading – just. But fp, you I had to imitate. Because I had to know what a ‘dinosaur’ movement might look like. In my doorless office.

  8. Oldfeminist– I wasn’t accusing the person who originally wrote #2 of fat-hate– I can imagine that it was terrible. I think the fat-hate is on the part of the journalist, who seems to be squicked out by this knowledge.

  9. I’m a dinosaur! And I’m in an office! With my counterpart who I am trying to ‘capacity build’ to be a good public servant! Whee!
    … Nope, I couldn’t resist either. And I think the person who wrote the article is a party pooper. I really like this meme and I liked some of the things on the list they chose. I think they accidentally wrote something quite hilarious.
    And I couldn’t agree more with this post. A couple of weeks ago I listened to a maddening radio essay broadcasted on Radio National which tried to compare the wacky ways young’uns use the intarwebs for social communication. Apparently, meeting your friends on Facebook is the modern young person’s version of meeting for coffee! Crazy!

  10. Poor thing, doesn’t she realise that reading stuff other people post to Facebook (and elsewhere) is optional?
    I’m with hendo, it’s quite an amusing list really.
    (I’ve been tagged twice but haven’t got around to doing it yet…)
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  11. Ah, Beppie, I get you now! Sorry for the confusion.
    It seems that the real dinosaurs, thumbed or not, are the journalists who don’t get what it’s like to consider “online” a real place. Someone on the radio the other day was explaining how, to “these young people today,” online communication is, um, normal.

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