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An open thread where you can discuss Halloween, or anything else you like.

I always think that this minion looks too happy and playful to be an effective evil minion. Maybe that’s why he’s broken.




ETA: there is a lolcat with it’s head in a plastic pumpkin on Icanhascheezburger – if you want to use that one in comments please take a moment to re-caption and remove the l-word.  I don’t know what the admin magic people are up to this weekend, so you may just have to follow links to cheezburger. Happy Halloween.

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  1. Interesting take on Halloween from here:
    Dan Savage argues that Halloween used to be a queer festival, but now its gone straight:
    “While Halloween is still celebrated by gays and lesbians, it’s no longer the most important date on the gay calendar. Oh, we keep it, but we don’t keep holy. It’s just another excuse for a party—and we’re always on the lookout for an excuse—but Halloween has been downgraded, displaced by other and better excuses for parties, by pride parades and Folsoms and the weekend. There are still parties in gay bars on Halloween, of course, and you’ll see plenty of homos in costume on Capitol Hill this weekend. But Halloween belongs to heterosexuals now.
    And you need it more than we do. Straight people in Brazil have Carnival, straight Nor-thern Europeans have Fasching, straight people in New Orleans have Mardi Gras—all big public parties where straight people show their tits, shake their asses, and flaunt their sexualities. Booze companies attempted to make a national holiday out of Mardi Gras, without much success. But straight people seem to have made a collective unconscious decision to adopt Halloween instead.”
    I had never thought about Halloween in those terms. My analysis went – pagan festival, reinvented to become Christian festival, evolves into secular/consumeristic costume party. I had never considered the carnivale aspect before, how things like Halloween fulfill a societal need to let down our hair and back the rules..and now my mind is making connections with ancient Bacchus/Dionysian cults.

  2. I have to take the tigling back to the costume shop to swap her horned helmet for one with a bigger skull circumference – I told her she’ll have to watch out for the kids in zombie costumes because her brains are obviously deliciously plump.

  3. We went to a party last night dressed as a zombie wedding. Here’s me eating BRAAAINS:
    From hoydenizen-shots
    (can has admin magix?)
    (cannot link directly to an image on blogspot unless it also links to its Picasa photo page – that’s just how Google rolls. I did however come up with a fix, but perhaps find it in your picasa photos next time and send us the page link? ~tigtog)

  4. Check out this amusing review of Jack Chick comics, which apparently fundy Christians are being encouraged to slip into kid’s treat bags at Halloween.

  5. What did you make the brains with? It looks like a summer pudding.. mmm…

  6. Sorry, I mean, braaaaaaaaaaains.

  7. Jack Chick holds no terrors for these trick or treaters…
    I have actually read every single one of those comics: both full page size and the little three cell flip books thanks to my step-brother who was zombified by an evangelical girlfriend (honestly, the things guys will do to get laid…).

  8. All hallows all LOLdogs…
    see more dog and puppy pictures
    see more dog and puppy pictures
    see more dog and puppy pictures

  9. @Helen, nothing like as good as summer pudding! Braaaaaiiiinnns were made of coconut jelly (which is basically coconut milk, sugar and gelatin), with about half a cup of coffee, for extra murkiness, and red food dye, for the pinkness. I went with coconut jelly rather than a standard red jelly (port wine, strawberry, raspberry) because I wanted it to be opaque. Then once it was semi-set, I stirred through a pack of noodles that I cooked in a whole lot of red food dye, and chucked in some teaspoons of strawberry jam (which make for realistic blood clots). The whole thing was done in a brain-shaped jelly mold, and it was disturbingly realistic.

    People were quite freaked out.

  10. We put a sign out on our fence, welcoming trick or treaters, and not a single one came to our door…
    can haz admin magic?
    .-= Deborah´s last blog ..That was disappointing =-.

  11. Awww, someone made the widdle puppy a Cerebus costume? LOVE. We have a samoyed who I occasionaly suspect of needing an exorcism.

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