Do I tell the rest of the family* about the big box of chocolate I just got in the post, or do I squirrel it away as a stash to be raided at will for the next few months?

* if any of you are reading this, it’s…a thought experiment. Yes. That’s what this is. Nothing to see here, really.

P.S. Thanks, meloukhia!

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  1. No. Definitely don’t tell.

  2. If your family is anything like mine though, they will sniff it out. I swear my husband can detect clandestine chocolate at a 100 paces.

  3. You could always tell them the box contains Schrodinger’s chocolate…although I personally am a huge fan of secret chocolate stashes. Never know when an emergency will strike!
    .-= meloukhia´s last blog ..Thursday Night Good Housekeeping =-.

  4. I am not good at stashing stuff away to be eaten slowly, so I’d probably tell in order not to be found stranded, pinned to the floor by the weight of chocolate wrappers.

  5. Share it. Pass the chockies on the left hand side.

  6. Maybe you could let them know about _some_ of it.

  7. After you’ve eaten the ones that they don’t like. Just so they don’t accidentally get the wrong one. It’s the least you can do.

  8. Well, you know, if you eat them very quickly, you won’t have to worry about it. No point in discovering chocolates that have already been eaten.

  9. Mindy, you are much nicer than I am. I would tell them after I’d eaten the ones they DO like, then I could say “look! chocolates! what a pity there aren’t any you like!”
    (The problem with this in my family is that we all have similar taste in chocolate.)
    I say: stash ‘em!

  10. I have been considering buying a lockable cash box, because every time I feel like chocolate it’s all been eaten.

  11. But Bec, you would have the key, presumably…
    Chocolate is too good to waste on one’s ungrateful and rowdy family. If yours does not resemble mind, ignore this advice.

  12. Eat everything but the coconut. Unless you happen to like coconut. In that case, eat what you like and leave the rest for the clean-up crew.

  13. Gotta say hide it. Everyone has to have emergency chocolate for those stressful moments.

  14. @Helen, yes, I would have the key. The key would be hidden. Cunningly hidden. Admittedly, I can’t hide the chocolate so he can’t find it, but a key is much smaller and less delicious.

  15. Summer is so difficult, because chocolate really needs to be in the fridge. But then, the urge to eat it is less when it’s hot. Thank goodness for delicate ecological balance!

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