Quickhit: Pedestrian-bridge lifts turned off at night

The ABC:

Lift closures referred to rights commission

The New South Wales Opposition has referred the Minister for Transport David Campbell to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, claiming his policies are endangering the elderly and disabled.

The Roads and Traffic Authority has ordered the closure of all lifts on pedestrian overpasses between 6:00pm and 6:00am.

The Government says it is because of ongoing vandalism.

The Opposition spokesman on disability services, Andrew Constance, says the move forces the elderly and disabled to cross busy roads rather than use pedestrian overpasses.

More from news.com.au:

Death prompts bridge lifts reviews

Opposition spokesman for disability and ageing Andrew Constance referred Mr Campbell to the commission, saying lifts at up to 10 bridges in Sydney are turned off between 6pm and 6am every day, forcing older people to cross at road level.

It comes after the death of Arthur Waller, 85, on October 26 when he was hit by a car as he tried to cross Canterbury Road at Hurlstone Park, close to a pedestrian overpass with a lift that was not working.

Oh, but it’s only at night, right? Surely all well-cared-for people with disabilities are locked up at night. So this would never be a problem. Right?

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3 replies

  1. Its another example of where government cost cutting measures affect the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities, when those who are the least able to pay are being made yet again to pay the price.

  2. Quickhit: We have a curfew.

  3. I tried to think of something sarcastic to say, but I failed. This is just unbelievable. When vandals break stuff, you mend it promptly, better enforce laws against vandalism, and take care with design to reduce vulnerability to vandalism. You don’t just take the facilities away.
    This ‘solution’ would never have crossed anyone’s mind were it not for the crappy culture that says certain people shouldn’t be out at night anyway. Women and PWD are allowed out in the daytime to do their shopping, but only ablebodied men, and them preferably in cars, have any business going out for fun.

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