Quickhit: “40 years of the Internet” summed up in one post

No, not this one. This post, over at PC World, which waxes rhapsodic about various landmarks in the development from a 4-node network in California (developed under the auspices of the ARPA and used only by researchers) into a semi-secret long-distance playground for computer nerds and then into the Internet of today. The immediate response to this exercise in nostalgia is the author being pulled up abruptly in the comments for failing to properly fact-check.


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  1. That’s why this will always be a classic.

    Admin magic? I’m pretty sure I can’t do my own admin magic.

  2. It has become a “line” in our house, said by one of us when the other is typing away furiously. In tones of kindly understanding, “Is someone wrong on the internet, sweetie?”

  3. Umm – Except that the commenter is probably more wrong than the article – I think 1990 is a realistic timeline marker for “wide availability of home dialup” – sure, people had it before then. In Australia, that date is probably closer to 1994…

  4. Yep – got that – and I got the irony

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