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After much to-ing and fro-ing on the matter of accepting ads to cover the costs of this site (readers have been generous with donations, but if I can cover the costs without asking you to dip into your pockets and still being able to look myself in the mirror, I’ll be happier with that).

I’ve decided to go with, who specialise in advertising on blogs and who have an ethical standpoint that I respect. An absolute rarity in advertising circles, I am able to sign off on the campaigns that will display here before it happens instead of only being able to veto them after they’ve appeared. While we are in the assessment stages for Hoyden About Town the only ads shown will be for charitable campaigns.

At the moment I’m trialling how best to display the ads, so bear with me if the position changes slightly over the next few days.

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  1. Happy to see them, tigtog, and let my eyes doing a bit of paying for the fine content here. Regarding the current banner placement… maybe just a little lower down, about this much (holding thumb and forefinger about 4mm apart), so that a little strip of the background appears above the banner as well as below.

  2. Yes, I thought the same. I’ll fiddle with the stylesheet tomorrow.

  3. I turned off AdBlock Plus on your site to see what it looks like, and it has a FlashBlock mask instead. When I clicked on that, it thought I was clicking on the ad, instead of the mask. I’ll go to considerable effort to terminate with extreme prejudice anything moving that isn’t part of the page content, so I’m not going to turn off FlashBlock, sorry.

  4. With flashblock active I just see a blank banner, and clicking on it in the way that should normally display the content takes me to another page.

    • Thanks for the feedback on flashblock – that’s not a behaviour that I like. I’ll take it up with nuffnang.
      P.S. I don’t expect anyone who hates hates hates Flash driven ads to unblock HAT. If you can live with them, fine. If it makes you grind your teeth when you come here, use the adblocker with my blessing.

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