Thursday Cheezburger: …zzzzzzz

And the theme this Thursday is … zzzzzzz

a ginger cat stretches his claws towards the camera, with eyes scrunched tight shut
Caption: is too erly. put teh sun back down, plz.

a grey tabby kitten lying on a grown white and tabby cat's upturned white belly - both are soundly asleep
Caption: Then Goldilocks found one that was just right!

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4 replies

  1. Here’s one I prepared earlier:

    morning: do not want

  2. Dis? It made frum teh pelts of our enemies

  3. Tips for fighting the flu: 1. Rest 2. Fluids 3. Lolcat

  4. caption: SLEEP should be a time when no one takes pictures of you.

    caption: Windows 7 “Deep Sleep Mode” was his idea.

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