Month: January 2012

Quickhit: a black man’s view on Schroedinger’s Rapist

…my objection to anti-black racism being used as a rhetorical device by those who will never face it, is that black people engage in tons of behaviours to make white people feel safer. We do this all the damn time. We make accommodations in speech, behaviour, dress, mannerism, conversation topic – a wide diversity of adjustments that we make in the presence of our white friends […] I don’t appreciate being deputized into your anti-feminist screed in this way.

First Rule of Holes: expensive social media strategy failing edition

How long do you have to wait for a measly 250,000 votes on FB before you realise the target market just isn’t interested enough in whether your animated mascot ‘lives’ or ‘dies’? The intensely irritating ad is building an aversion response within this consumer which is likely to last for years, and I’m far from the only one. Well done, expensive social media marketing ‘experts’!

Melinda Tankard Reist doesn’t speak for me

It appears MTR is the Feminist of the Moment for the mainstream media. And a large part of her appeal, it seems to me, is that feminism, as she defines it, is a conservative, bourgeois feminism, threatening to specified corporate interests – she’s done good work with Collective Shout and her opposition to the pornification of little girls in general – but generally unthreatening to entrenched patriarchal systems.