25 years of the WWW

The Web was 25 years old this past Tuesday.

Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing looks at Tim Berners-Lee’s call for a “Magna Carta” for the Web articulating global citizens’ expectations regarding their freedoms on the internet with respect to adversarial constraints imposed by governments.

Here’s a quick collection of ‘big-picture’ posts Hoyden’s authors have written about the internet and its users over the years.

BFTP: This is what we use it for

Quickhit: “40 years of the Internet” summed up in one post

Our archive of posts on proposed (mostly here in Australia) internet censorship and internet filtering policies.

Our series on Cyberbullying, abuse, harassment, and other silencing tactics started with this post back in 2007. Scroll down to the foot of the post for a list of other posts in the series.

Thanks to Beppie on FB, I saw this post about various internet antiquities: 25 things you may have forgotten about the internet.

What memories stir within you?

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3 replies

  1. The original cats will all be dead now.

  2. Joining a forum under a male sounding username because I knew The InterNet belonged to Men.

  3. I remember when everyone was talking about the ‘Information Superhighway’.

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