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DUFCWelcome to the 69th Down Under Feminist Carnival at Hoyden About Town. I am Mindy, your host this month. I would like to thank HaT crew for letting me host the DUFC on our group blog.
I made the mistake of thinking that January would be quiet. In actual fact, somewhat like the weather, bloggers and writers have been on fire in January. I hope you enjoy this month’s carnival. Thank you to everyone who submitted posts for the Carnival.

Authors of these posts: if for any reason you don’t wish to be included here please contact me (Mindy) on dufcathat at gmail dot com and I will remove the link to your post(s).

Introducing a new blog: Intersectionality Oz
Why Intersectionality?

This blog is a place that hopes to provide a safe space for those of us who are ‘othered’ by mainstream Australian feminism

Christina Ryan writes about sexism and ableism 101.
Christina Donayre on growing up a Peruvian feminist in Australia.
There is more on the blog, well worth a read.

Australia Day or Invasion Day?
Nakkiah Lui at The Guardian (AU) says Australia Day is a day for mourning not celebration.
Jennifer at No Place for Sheep on Aldi and Big W selling racist t-shirts.
Corrine Grant in The Hoopla calls it Merchandise Outrage day.
Wendy Harmer gives us a snapshot of Australia Day where she lives (link to The Hoopla, originally published in the SMH)

On being poor and poverty
The Koori Woman writes on Poor versus Poverty.

There is one thing I never read about being poor that happens. The loss of hope and sense of desperation that comes with the first sleepless night on an empty stomach, and never leaves.

Bluemilk on the tension between volunteers and lack of perspective in P&C meetings (Parents and Citizens Committees at public schools).

The Dr V story (trigger warning suicide and transmisogyny)
Queen of Thorns asks Why do cis men defend the outing of trans women?
Tigtog despairs for the future of humanity at Hoyden About Town

On being feminist
Erinaree writes about men and misandry.
IsBambi is shocked when a friend comes out to her but possibly not in the way you are thinking.
Ariane on Horrible People.
Queen of Thorns has been blogging while left wing and feminist.

Bodies (trigger warning fat hate)
MySpiltMilk writes that I like my body when…
Kath at FatHeffalump on how You Can’t Help Those You Loathe.
Claire Shove myth busts feminine hygiene products. (The cartoon background of this blog moves as you scroll down and may make the text difficult to read for some)

Australian Politics – Cory Bernardi edition plus asylum seekers and the ABC
Helen Burnside writes that Cory Bernardi is a dangerous distraction for the Left.
Van Badham asks if Cory Bernardi is Abbott’s stalking horse?
Paula Matthewson at The Hoopla gives a different perspective on Cory Bernardi and the Abbott government.
Jennifer at No Place for Sheep discusses the attitudes of some Australian’s to asylum seekers
Chally, writing for Global Comment, asks what it means for a national broadcaster to supposedly not be on the side of its nation?

Rape Culture and Domestic Violence (trigger warning discussions of rape and domestic violence)
Ruby Hamad at Daily Life writes about rape culture and Steubenville.
From a Whisper to a Roar reflects on seven years of fighting for justice.
News with Nipples has two great posts about media reporting of sexual assault and domestic violence .
Doom and Gloom recounts a recent experience and overcoming the bystander effect.
Jan Logie on domestic violence and protection orders.

Not your Asian sidekick
A # started by Suey Park has put a name to a practice that needs to stop.
Jessica Walton had this to say about Asian stereotypes and the fight for diverse identities.
Stephanie at No Award writes about appropriation of real world politics for fantasy written by white authors.

Marriage, and  marriage counselling vouchers
Rebecca Shaw on the ‘sanctity’ of marriage.
Ya Think nearly chokes on her coffee reading that Kevin Andrews plans to go ahead with marriage counselling vouchers for newly weds and couples.

Movies: Her and Utopia
Eleanor Robertson investigates the ethics of human and robot relationships.
Celeste Liddle gives an Aboriginal perspective on the new John Pilger movie ‘Utopia’ at Tracker. utopia

Jax Jackie Brown writes on Ramp Up about disability, anonymity and the pitfalls of the internet.
El Gibbs at Ramp Up on Who deserves the disability pension?
Erinaree writes about completing a Masters Degree while living with mental illness.

Birthing and Raising kids
Rachel Reed at Midwife Thinking looks at the future of Midwifery in Australia
Kelly Briggs (The Koori Woman), writing for The Guardian, talks about how Aboriginal women still fear their children being taken away.
Spilt Milk writes of parenting a child during the ‘obesity crisis’.
Elizabeth Sutherland reviews The Good Mother Myth (with essay from Bluemilk) at Global Comment.
Holly Walker at frogblog on maintaining breastfeeding while working (as a NZ pollie)
The Koori Woman on Black Patriarchy and Black Respectability Politics
El Gibbs writes about how close Australia came to recognising child rearing as work worthy of payment.

Some more great reading
Brocklesnitch writes about bisexuality.

Lexicon Harlot writes of the joys of finding free fruit locally.

Ruby Hamad at Daily Life asks can we stop talking about the appearance of sportswomen? after a twitter Q and A session with British gynmast Beth Tweddle was inundated with sexist questions. Shortly after this was written Elyse Perry was recognised as one of Australia’s best cricketers. (Sarah Taylor (English) was the ICC’s woman cricketer of the year in 2012.)

Photo of Elyse Perry holding her bat and helmet. Caption reads: Everyone is so busy watching men[s] cricket that no one notices she scored 90 on 94 balls with a strike rate of 94.73 and also got the wicket of Sarah Taylor.

Photo of Elyse Perry holding her bat and helmet. Caption reads: Everyone is so busy watching men[s] cricket that no one notices she scored 90 on 94 balls with a strike rate of 94.73 and also got the wicket of Sarah Taylor.

Then this happened.

Skud, guest posting at Hoyden About Town, asks What it would be like if we reimagined the Country Women’s Association?

Some Random Recommended Reading from Queen of Thorns (I have already shamelessly harvested some of her great links, thanks QoT). Check out the NSFW stories by Amie and Roz.

Kat at The Lifted Brow rages against the Rage Against the Machine article which has captivated many of her FB friends.

Stargazer discusses elitism and the need for superiority.

Jill contemplates her life after creating a Life Map.

Chally at Zero at the Bone looks at how she and her friends are being sold childhood without the children.

Jo at A Life Unexamined asks if Ja’mie (a Chris Lilley character) is a satire or merely an excuse for hating on teenage girls? 

Comedian Chris Lilley (male) dresses up as Ja'ime a teenage girl.

Comedian Chris Lilley (male) dresses up as Ja’ime a teenage girl.

Kate Larsen talks to Van Badham about feeding trolls.

Tigtog examines the Ethics of Scolding the Dying.

That’s it for this month. If you have read anything fantastic in January that isn’t here, please share it in the comments.

The Seventieth Edition is planned for 5 March, 2014. Your host will be Chally at Zero at the Bone. Submissions to chally.zeroatthebone [at] gmail [dot] com for those who can’t access the blogcarnival submissions form.

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  3. thanks for the link, and for the whole range of links.

  4. Can’t believe I forgot this one! bluemilk right here at HaT on Feminism needs more practice less perfect

  5. For some reason I thought this blogger was in the US. But Jay the Nerd Kid is from Qld so here are some links from her blog ‘days like crazy paving’.
    A white woman walks into a bar. She claims it.
    Dear White People: stop talking please.

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