Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014

The Australian Women Writers Challenge is open again for 2014. This year I have decided to read the Stella Longlist from 2013. While this isn’t a formal category yet I suspect that it may prove popular.

I chose the Stella Longlist for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because it is a great list of Australian Women Writers (AWW) and I had been wanting to read many of the books anyway. Secondly, because it saved me any work in looking up books by AWW and I knew that I would be reading books judged to be very very good by people I admire and respect.

The books I will be reading or have already read (marked with *, I started reading on 4 January 2014) are as follows:

Floundering by Romy Ash (1st novel)*
Mazin Grace by Dylan Coleman (Aboriginal author)*
The People Smuggler: The true story of Ali Al Jenabi by Robyn de Crespigny (non fiction)
Sufficient Grace by Amy Espeseth (1st novel)
An Opening: 12 Love Stories About Art by Stephanie Radok
Like a House on Fire by Cate Kennedy [ETA: * reviewed here]
The Mind of a Thief by Patti Miller* [ETA: reviewed here]
The Burial by Courtney Collins
Questions of Travel by Michelle de Kretser*
Sea Hearts by Margo Lanagan (young adult novel)* [ETA: reviewed here]
Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany (winner Stella Prize 2013)*
The Sunlit Zone by Lisa Jacobson (ETA: poetry) [ETA: reviewed here, see also Lauredhel’s review from 2013]

Of these books I will endeavour to review 7 of the 12.

My plan is to review Questions of Travel, Sea Hearts, The Mind of a Thief and Mateship with Birds of the ones I have read already. This may change. Reviews will be blogged on HaT. ETA Also to be reviewed: The Sunlit Zone and House on Fire.

If you would like more information on the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014 it is here or sign up for it here. Having a blog or writing reviews is not compulsory and it is a great way to find some fantastic authors.

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  1. My word, Sea Hearts is something else.

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