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What way do you see her spin?

I missed this last October, butaccording to the Herald-Sun (in what is till one of their most-emailed stories), whether you see the dancer spin clockwise or anticlockwise indicates which hemisphere of your brain is dominant. I’m curious as to which… Read More ›

A bigot is dead

William F. Buckley, that is. I’m on the same page as most of the commentors over at Making Light, and this comment particularly summed it all up: I’m baffled by the backhanded complements of, “well, at least he was an… Read More ›

Repellent Robbo, rape apologist

Clive Robertson, the man once considered a charmingly irascible curmudgeon on top rated TV and radio shows now battles to retain a midnight to dawn talk-back radio show, and if there’s any justice then what Media Watch revealed last night… Read More ›

Hypocrite Watch: Ben Stein et al

Bunch of uptight chaps make a documentary (Expelled) about how academia is repressing the rough and tumble of free speech about biological evolution (they think evolution is a pernicious myth). Same bunch of uptight chaps hold “press conferences” where instead… Read More ›