Slowing down when passing a crash does not mean one is a rubbernecking ghoul

It might just mean one has consideration for the emergency workers and tow-truckers out there on the roadway while cars are whizzing past. All of us have been well trained to slow down when there are roadworkers on the roadway out of consideration for their safety, so why would we show emergency workers any less consideration?

If I was on the jury of a case where a smarmy radio traffic announcer had whizzed past a crash site and the emergency workers at the usual speed of 110kmh, and the rozzers had charged him with reckless driving as a result, I’d vote to convict in a heartbeat.

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  1. Too cryptic, huh?
    I just got the strop when I heard a traffic guy on radio talk about how the traffic was slowing down when passing this crash on the M4 “because everybody was taking a look”.
    If I were an emergency worker at a crash site I’d be bloody annoyed at any oh-so-important commuters that couldn’t be arsed to slow down so that I might work a bit more safely. Most drivers do slow down so that they’re not spraying windscreen debris etc onto the workers as they go past. And this arsehole wanted to characterise it just as people being voyeurs.

  2. Ah, I figured it would be something like that; but I also wondered if something Bad had not happened and, ghoul that I am, had missed it.

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