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One Harry Mount, of the UK Telegraph, simply doesn’t know how to do basic research. This is his claim: The death of feminism at British universities.

Quietly, without much fanfare, women’s studies has disappeared from British universities.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, thousands of students across the country took the subject.

Over the last five years, numbers have dropped by 75 per cent and only 35 students are doing it this year. This summer, the last place offering the course, London Metropolitan University, is stopping women’s studies altogether.

Of course, not a single university has actually stopped offering studies in feminist theory.

Might I suggest that he try hitting Google with the following search string – gender studies UK – and note how many of those departments trumpet their internationally renowned feminist scholars?

The change in terminology from “Women’s studies” to “Gender Studies” acknowledges that feminism is not just a women’s subject, but that gender stereotypes affect everybody and understanding how they work is the first step towards transforming the negative aspects of gender expectations.

Harry Mount is a numptie.

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  1. The one that always gets me is “The main feminist struggles have been won”.
    “I know no man under 40 who insists that his wife give up her job and cook him dinner every night”
    Heck I sure do. Without going too much into specifics, there are people quite close to me who insist on and expect this.
    “Who’s now surprised to have a female boss or a female doctor?”
    Heaps of people. Being a young-faced boss or doctor makes it even more difficult to be taken seriously. I’ve had kindly old folks put their hand on my arm and ask “When do you graduate, dear?” My SIL (in banking) has had a man spir out into her face “You’re kidding.” when she introduced herself. My kid’s kindy teacher looked like she was about to have a stroke when my kid told her I was a doctor, she flapped and puffed so much. (He was protesting the male doctor/female nurse clip art on a kindy information sheet.)
    Equal pay? Paid maternity leave? Women refugees supported adequately and safely? No rape? No abortion? Equal wealth, equal superannuation? Equal representation in Parliament and at all the highest management levels of corporations? Women’s other achievements in, say, sport and art valued equally to men’s? Women of colour, disabled women, gay women, transwomen, intersex people all respected and given equal opportunities? Women not treated as vapid sexual objects in the media? Women’s reproductive choices completely respected – no coerced contraception, no inaccessible contraception/abortion, birthing choices respected completely and implicitly, no birthrape, full support for establishing and continuing breastfeeding? We have achieved all of these things, haven’t we? If the “main feminist struggles have been won”?
    Perhaps a few Telegraph writers need a peek at the Daily Mail now and then.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..File in the lowered journalistic standards folder

  2. The switch from “Women’s Studies” to “Gender Studies” is not trivial. So-called “gender studies” is a gay/lesbian agenda aimed at promoting “gender” abnormaity as “normal.” It is often promoted by the same misandrist lesbians who promoted “women’s studies” but has a different focus. While “women’s studies” is aggressively misandrist, the new “gender studies” is pro-homosexual in addition to being misandrist.
    Either one is detremental to the young people who get recruited and fed a diet of hate and misinformation.
    [Moderator note: as Bob’s blog speaks approvingly of “real men” shooting people who just happen to work for the government, I have removed links to it]

  3. I’ll let the comment above stand as a putrid monument to bigotry, Bob. Congratulations on going straight into permanent moderation.

  4. Closer to home, see the University of Melbourne.

  5. I always love it when news articles attempt to sound the death toll for feminism or feminist projects, or call them irrelevant, because these very articles, more often than not, end up showing how important and vital feminist-related projects (and academic departments, one of which I am very much involved with) really are.
    Wow, that was a long sentence. I apologize for my intense verbosity.
    annaham’s last blog post..Why I’m a Feminist, Part 7,568

  6. Harry Mount’s opinion piece is terribly ill-formed. I think what he’s referring to is that the undergraduate Women’s Studies degree at London Met. which ends this June was the last stand-alone undergraduate Women’s Studies degree in the UK. Whilst Women’s Studies can be taken alongside other subjects/modules, it will no longer be able to be taken in it’s own right.
    But agreed, he is indeed a numptie. And some of the people commenting to his piece are no better 🙂
    Laura-Ann’s last blog post..Playboy’s Mirror Advertising

  7. You have to love people like Bobalways doing the Strawman Political

  8. Laura-Ann, I presume that Women’s Studies/Gender Studies departments in the UK still offer postgraduate degrees?
    There’s quite a few other disciplines in which one cannot obtain an undergraduate degree. Unis in this country have recently shifted to offering medicine only as a postgraduate degree, for example. It’s hardly a sign that the discipline is failing.

  9. Sorry, I should have said that yes, at postgraduate level Women’s Studies continues as a stand-alone subject one can take.

  10. It’s an interesting phenomenon in itself, the push for more and more disciplines to only offer postgraduate degrees.

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