Proof positive that most Americans have hardly noticed our Prime Minister’s world-class presidential arselicking displays

He’s not mentioned on the Boston Phoenix‘s annual list of the 100 Unsexiest Men.

It is a very US-centric list: there’s a mere sprinkling of foreigners, the only “Australian” who is mentioned is Mel Gibson, and I hadn’t heard of at least half of the specimens. Dame Edna, Rupert Murdoch and Keith Urban did get some votes although they didn’t make the Bottom 100.

What a joke. Years of effort and photo opportunities (coming soon – yet another APEC shirt!) and only a few politicians and back-room policy wonks have any idea who Howard is: so tiny a lapdog he is all but invisible to the eyes of Boston journalists.

Come on, he’s definitely unsexier than Tom Cruise (#100). Tom Cruise did once have life in his eyes.

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