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oh, and by the way

“The suspect has only one hand“. This was tagged on at the end of a standard description (medium height, short brown hair etc etc) of a con-artist the police are looking for, as read out on the radio while I… Read More ›

Decisions, decisions

Naomi Robson and her filmcrew have been arrested by the Indonesians for trying to enter Papua illegally on a tourist visa (instead of the required working journalist visa). Since this offence has nothing to do with drugs, she is likely to be fined and deported rather than imprisoned for any long period. She may even not go near a prison proper at all.

She will presumably have to go to

Why oh why do people want to pry?

That is the moan of TomKat in Vanity Fair about the prurient curiosity regarding their baby. As the NYT points out, when you announce your romance on TV by jumping on Oprah’s couch, announce your engagement at a press conference, and pose tits-and-teeth-out endlessly on red carpets before the pregnancy became inelegant, the public becomes conditioned to a photo-opportunity parade through your lives and

Kovco questions

Just a quick acknowlegement that my previous post on Anzac Day which referred to Pvt. Kovco’s death from a firearm discharge in a secure area strongly implied that Pvt. Kovco committed suicide, and with fuller information I now realise that… Read More ›

Boycotting the Devine boo-hiss M.

Fuck Miranda Devine. I will no longer read or link to any column the shrill harpy writes. To understand why she has finally reached my fuck-off threshold, read this smack-down of her recent column on Cyclone Larry victims.(hat-tip to Crikey!)… Read More ›

Tragedy of the Closet

There’s been a lot of ink and electrons devoted to Brokeback Mountain, but here’s what I think is the best review (major plot spoilers alert)- An Affair to Remember from the New York Review of Books’ Daniel Mendelsohn, pointing out… Read More ›

Prostitots and babywhores

I blogged a while back about the disturbing trend of sexualised dolls as toys for little girls. There’s a very interesting article in the SMH on Turning Girls Into Eye Candy. “We can’t allow marketers to colonise this nor should… Read More ›