Was Darwin a racist?

Anti-evolutionists often make the claim that Darwin was racist as if, even were the accusation true (we’ll get to its falseness shortly), that a racist stance would somehow invalidate his scientific discoveries. These claims have repeatedly been shown to be… Read More ›

Lenten limitations

Some of you already know that while I am a militant agnostic (I don’t know whether any god exists and neither does anybloodyone else) my beloved mr tog is a regular churchgoer. He wasn’t when we met, it crept up… Read More ›

Denounce the ancestors

In the States, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is being smeared because of the religious beliefs of his great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, both polygamous Mormons in the fashion of their time, well before the Mormon Church and the State of Utah… Read More ›


Sex, Sexuality, Sexual/Gender Stereotypes: Cristy’s post at LP on the American Psychological Association’s report on the emotional harm caused by immersion in a culture of sexualised representations of girls. (also at her own blog) Anna’s post at LP on another… Read More ›

Whitewashing and white ribbons

Helen and Cristy both have absolute crackers of posts up regarding the widespread misogyny informing various religious and conservative thinkers who are coming out with variations of “but maybe the mad mufti had a point about you wimmin and your… Read More ›