Denounce the ancestors

In the States, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is being smeared because of the religious beliefs of his great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, both polygamous Mormons in the fashion of their time, well before the Mormon Church and the State of Utah made the practice illegal. (Romney, unlike a great many other Republicans, has only ever been married to one woman, ever.)

Because obviously whatever one’s gran’thers did is part of one, and a valid way to judge another’s character and principles.

So I regretfully withdraw from all consideration of any potential political career on the grounds of a gran’ther who was a sheepstealer in Ireland and a gran’ther who assisted convicts to escape from the lawful custody of a Tasmanian chain gang. I’m also a bit suss about the gran’ther who told tales about the youth of those wicked Kelly boys when she actually lived near where Ned Kelly was caught, not where he was reared (early propogation of a “rural” legend?).

I obviously cannot be trusted, and I’m sorry for misleading you all.

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  1. Hell, Romney jokes about polygamy in his standard stump speech (“I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman “¦ and a woman “¦ and a woman.”)
    Mitt isn’t being smeared so much for his polygamous ancestors as for his claim of being a devote Mormon.
    Just about every Protestant variety in the US considers Mormonism extremely nonstandard Christianity. Most of the evangelical churches denounce it as heresy.
    But Romney is running as the social values conservative and actively courting the fundie vote. How he squares this political circle is not clear, particularly as there is another Republican presidential contender, Sam Brownback, running as a social conservative with clear evangelical credentials.
    Sooner or later Mitt is going to have to answer The Underwear Question.

  2. I agree it’s obvious that “polygamy” is merely seekrit dogwhistle code for “Mormon freak”, aiming at energising the WASPangelicals against the heretic. The ancestor ploy is just so eminently mockable I couldn’t resist.
    I’m amazed it’s taken this long for a serious anti-Mormon smear machine to get him in its sights, frankly.

  3. I’m amazed it’s taken this long for a serious anti-Mormon smear machine to get him in its sights, frankly.
    I’m not so sure it is entirely politically motivated, at least not in the standard right wing attack machine.
    “The New Republic,” a lefty/liberal/moderate (depending on where you sit) political magazine, had a lengthy debate on whether a Mormon was fit to be the President.

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