Daddy Dearest redux

There’s now special DVD’s being marketed to not only remember that special Daddy-Daughter night forever, but obviously to persuade other girls that they should take part as well. [warning: brain-bleach may well be required afterwards]

Woo-woo gold

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged any woo-woo doomsaying. But just as I was checking my Gmail and reading a discussion of the US midterm elections, my eye was caught by one of google’s ads that they place in… Read More ›

I’m glad he said it

This is the most-viewed article on today’s SMH online: “All religions degrade women“. AN ANGLICAN archbishop has linked Taj el-Din al Hilaly’s inflammatory comments on women with the degrading image of “the sheila” in pub culture and the failure of… Read More ›

The veil dilemma

Speaking out against the veiling of Muslim women is hugely problematic because of the way niqab has been politicised, and also because the experience of North Africa shows that when Western feminists get shrill about Islamic oppression of women it… Read More ›

Foetuses behind a plane

I learnt over at Another Blog today that in some places in the States kind people will fly over your place of work, study or recreation and attempt to horrify you. Apparently, all over the USA this last summer, if… Read More ›

Rounding up good stuff

Jill at Feministe has a couple of strong articles on the religious exceptionalists in the US and their increased co-opting of a “warriors for Christ” message for evangelical youth: Where Can I Find Me A Warrior Poet? and her review… Read More ›

The principle is not the practise

wbb, in comments over at LP, summarised most neatly what is also pretty much my stance on evaluating faith traditions:

Of course there’s stuff to like in Buddhism as there obviously is, too, in Christianity or other Pre-enlightenment philosophies. But the lived experience, rather than contents of the official user’s manual, and the uses these instutionalised belief systems are put to, in controlling

Suddenly, no-one’s named after Saddam anymore

From the International Herald Tribune:

The country’s Sunni-Shiite bloodletting is driving many Iraqis to bury the very essence of their identity: their names.

To have to hide one’s name is considered deeply shameful. But with sectarian violence surging, Iraqis fear that the name on an identification card, passport or other document could become an instant death sentence if seen by the wrong people.

Could I have a little less Islamofascism in my coffee?

Deltoid takes a few more whacks at his favourite pinata, Tim Blair. Tim Lambert channels Monty Python’s Spam sketch in response to Blair asking his fanboys whyowhy couldn’t ABC science wonk Robyn Williams write a book on the flaws in fundamentalist Islam instead of on the flaws of Intelligent Design “theory”?

Indeed, to get all subeditorly as Blair so likes to do (inserted obligatory cliches start here in bold), what unmitigated gall from Williams, writing about anything other than The Greatest Threat to Western Civilisation Evah(TM).