Not bad for an atheist

You know the Bible 100%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses – you know it all! You are fantastic!

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Blame the creationists. They made provoked me into reading the texts they were quoting in order to argue with them.

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  1. These words are written in a manner that is meant to be frank. Unfortunately, being just words, they may come across as hurtful. That however is not the intent. It’s just that I find sites like this so sad. Atheists would like people to think that they don’t need Christianity to be good. And in fact you don’t. You can be as good as anyone else all by yourself. In fact you are as good as anybody else. Because of that you’re a fraud, a pretender. The fact is that you aren’t a good person, and no, having not killed anyone yet is not a very good baseline. Reality is, you lie and cheat and steal and scheme and manipulate as much as anyone else. You’re bigoted, intolerant and you stand in judgement of others. You look at women with lust and justify it as being not just normal but healthy. You think that you’re better and smarter than others. You’re prideful and arrogant and seething with anger. You possess a bitter and unforgiving spirit and what’s worst of all is this. You’re either blind to all this or you’re hypocritical in the extreme.
    The difference between you and Christians, one of the differences anyway, is that we’ve admitted that we’re like that and that is why we’ve become Christians. We’ve responded to the love and forgiveness that has been freely offered. I know, I know you don’t believe in Jesus as God. I’m just saying, it would be nice if atheists would quit playing these high and mighty games pretending that you’ve got it all together when you don’t. Regards, Makarios

  2. Welcome to my humble blog, Your Deceased Grace. Is concern-trolling all you can find to do in the afterlife?
    That’s a fine piece of one-seize-fits-all boilerplate you’ve got there.

    You look at women with lust and justify it as being not just normal but healthy.

    Don’t come across many atheist het women or what? At least read a site enough to trim the boilerplate accordingly.
    Seriously, I’ve got many imperfections. I’ve never pretended that I’ve “got it all together” just because I don’t equivocate about my religious skepticism.
    Ethical guidelines to regulate our interactions with others are entirely necessary for a safe and pleasant civil society, as without them it is too easy for any of us to allow greed and insensitivity to trump empathy and common long-term interests. But those who claim that ethics depends on religion have it entirely the wrong way about.

  3. Oh, please. Any Bible quiz that asks “who stopped to help a man in need” (question 35) and gives as three out of four possible answers a 20th century real estate developer, a deceased comic actor and a cartoon character cannot be taken seriously.
    But if I was taking it seriously I’d have to challenge all of the options for question 40. Granted, Genesis 7 does say that there was rain for 40 days and 40 nights (v12,17) but it’s verse 24 that states the numbers of days the earth was flooded.
    Good point, that, about reading carefully.

  4. Hooray – at least one person who checked out the link! I should have known it would be you.
    The quiz has many simplistic questions which can easily be narrowed down to the only possible correct answer by anyone who spent any time in Sunday School and who currently registers a pulse. I think you’d have to be really forgetful to get less than 75%.
    That said, they did throw in a couple of doozies to separate the 90-percenters from we girly-swots.

  5. Hey, what are you doing up so late? You’ve got children to get to school tomorrow!
    Oops. ‘Nite.

  6. Yes, and myself, too. But, you know, Flickr ….
    We all have our little imperfections, vices, addictions …

  7. I lurk here every now and then.
    Nice site.
    I only got 98% [I admit to cheating on a couple, what came after Ezra and light on day 3].
    But of course if I had applied critical, instead of literal, reading I would have got more right and scored less.
    But an amusing 5 mins..

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