Sex, Sexuality, Sexual/Gender Stereotypes:
Cristy’s post at LP on the American Psychological Association’s report on the emotional harm caused by immersion in a culture of sexualised representations of girls. (also at her own blog)
Anna’s post at LP on another round of vaccination culture wars, because the disease being fought is primarily transmitted through sexual contact.
Majikthise on the sexualisation of starvation:Outsourcing bones: Emaciated models in the global economy
Ampersand rounds up even more on prison rape (continuing from last week)
US churches a little too gay for the rest of the world: sex and religion clashing again.
More sex and religion: Laughing in their Faces from Selective and Arbitrary.

Science v. Religion
PZ Myers wants this T-shirt.

Anthropology cluestick:
This comment by Mark Foxwell in this Pandagon thread: who actually brought home most calories on the savannah?
(addendum) Another fabulous Mark Foxwell comment on another Pandagon thread! A reminder that gatherer-hunter societies typically spend about 4 hours a day organising food, and the rest of the day is spent socialising and innovating without much gender-division at all.

Political spin:
How a journalist invented that Al Gore invented the Internet by metaphorical
Mark Bahnisch’s Thread of Doom: A book review (!) becomes a series of long (loooonnng) exchanges on who really understands Derrida’s philosophy of democracy. Pack popcorn and polish up your political purity tests.
A busy week at LP from our guest and resident bloggers covering the impending NSW Election, aka Indifference 2007.
(addendum)Phossy Jaw, Libertarians, and Ayn Rand: never heard of phossy jaw? Me neither, and nor have most libertarians.
(addendum) Ever heard of the Overton window of political possibilities? Me neither until last week. It’s all to do with how political debates are framed. Time to open up the Overton window some more: Abortion is a moral good at Pandagon. More at Feministe.

Orstrayan culcha:
Aussie cliches by Pippilicious at For Battle!: the crying need for a National Metaphor and National Simile.

What good stuff have you read this week?

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  1. OT – just wanted to say: awesome new logo and rotating headers. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Queer Dewd! You’ve certainly changed a few things over at your place, too. I’d better change the name on the blogroll.
    I missed that particular Twisty flamewar through being on holidays – phew.
    Non-sequitur: I just found another kewl post on Phossy jaw, Libertarians and Ayn Rand.

  3. And I forgot opening up the Overton Window on the abortion debate! Pandagon and Feministe, added to the body of the post under Political Spin.

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