Australian Broadcasting Commission

Shorter Senator Guy Barnett:

You’ll have that baby and like it, missy. Image credit: ABC Online quotes him as saying the following yesterday: * that he moved the motion (to cut Medicare funding for abortions past 21 weeks gestation) as a matter of… Read More ›

Budget Drinking Game!

Zoe had some sort of collision with a crystal ball and ended up liveblogging Tonight’s Budget Speech last night instead. So the plan is: Print out Zoe’s post. Make a large jug of something reprehensibly alcoholic Sit in comfy chair… Read More ›

Howard’s End on Four Corners

Quite rivetting. The irony of them racing off to the ABC for the prestige after years of slagging them as partisan won’t escape anyone, I’m sure. Transcript and streaming video [Flash] [Windows Media Player] on the Four Corners site. There’s… Read More ›