“I think that’s why he gets himself into trouble!”: Rebecca Carmody on Troy Buswell’s “quip”

We’re still looking at a hung parliament at this stage over here in Western Australia, with National leader Brendon Grylls continuing to refuse to fall into line behind either of the major party leaders to form a coalition.

But this post is just a peeve against former Liberal leader Troy Buswell. He not only hasn’t been booted from the party for his consistent history of workplace drunkenness and sexual harassment, but has seen a swing toward him in his electorate of Vasse (with 60.8% of the primary vote), and is being mooted for the Treasury role.

The ABC’s Rebecca Carmody interviews him in “Troy Buswell talks about swing to the Libs in Vasse“. Troy has a go at taking credit for the swing against the Labor party, then moves on at the end of the interview (from 4 minutes) to a gag about the cold weather and dancing around to warm his “extremities”.

Here’s the relevant snippet:

Rebecca Carmody: “And I think I might have caught you dancing and entertaining the crowd a bit earlier on, is that what you’ve been up to?

Troy Buswell: “Well we’ve been on hold here for about twelve minutes here Rebecca, it’s pretty cold outside [looks down] ah, and so I was just trying to stimulate circulation to [cocks head] my extremities. But, ah, I’m sure the next cross will be far more timely. [smirk]”

Rebecca Carmody: [laughing through her words] “Troy Buswell, thankyou. [looks to colleagues] I think that’s why he gets himself into trouble!” [laughs more]

Hilarious! LOLZ!

O’Brien’s reaction is not on this video, but Peter van Onselen at the Australian said that “Kerry O’Brien could barely contain his contempt.”

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  1. As far as I know “extremities” does mean just the hands and feet, so he doesn’t understand plain English, either.

  2. Helen: unless your manly schlong is just as long as your limbs, hur hur hur.

  3. Delurking just to agree that Kerry looked like increasingly like he was about to blow a fuse the whole night.
    And how about Julie Bishop having a go at Sue Walker? That had to be the most unprofessional display ever, second only to Troy Buswell’s whole career.

  4. Do you think Kerry looked angry? I read him more as his usual glum. He’s definitely more fun to watch when Labor is winning.
    Bishop was a nasty piece of work all night. Ugh.

  5. I thought Kerry looked like the only thing that was stopping him from picking up a phone and giving someone a good tongue-lashing was the fact he was hosting a live show at the time. I could be wrong though, I didn’t quite catch the Buswell quip, even though I was watching at that time, obviously not very closely.

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