Howard’s End on Four Corners

Quite rivetting. The irony of them racing off to the ABC for the prestige after years of slagging them as partisan won’t escape anyone, I’m sure.

Transcript and streaming video [Flash] [Windows Media Player] on the Four Corners site.

There’s an open thread for the Knife-A-Thon on LP.

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  1. The point has been made on several other blogs that the revelations were predictable rather than rivetting. That’s true, none of the revelations especially surprised me, and the criticism that without a bit of factional background the various hostilities were less explicable than they should be is especially valid. What I did find rivetting was the simple spectacle of the scramble to cover their arses.
    Tim Dunlop at Blogocracy makes a telling point about the narrative that the Libs are trying to spin:

    The Coalition parties ruled in the 23 years up until 1972. The Hawke/Keating Government lasted 13 years after initially winning in 1983. The Howard Government reigned supreme for nearly 12 years, until losing in November 2007. Australia has changed governments a mere six times since World War II. And yet, on Four Corners last night, and in other interviews since the election, person after person from the previous government still attribute their loss in 2007 to longevity.
    Fellas, get it right. Australians don’t kick governments out just because they’ve been in power for a long time. They are not afraid of long-serving governments. There’s more to it than that.

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