Another gnaw on the Bone

Pamela Bone’s piece, published on International Women’s Day, on the perceived kowtowing from Western feminists towards cultural relativism certainly stirred up a few reactions. I didn’t blog on it myself as my reaction was essentially the same as the one I’d had to a similiar piece from Janet Albrechtsen recently, but Shaun and Kim over at LP both took it on, and now Cast Iron Balcony’s Helen has also had a go, crossposting her analysis at Road to Surfdom.

As usual, Helen has taken the trouble to research other writings from Bone et al and to cast the piece inside the bigger picture of the culture wars. Go read it.

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  1. I forgot to link to the post by Hilzoy (Obsidian Wings) about the inadequacy of war as a tool of liberation. Powerful post.

  2. That’s praise indeed after reading all the estoteric knowledge coming out of your gigantic brane over at LP, Tigtog.

  3. I’m a bookworm with a flypaper mind is all, Helen.
    Hey, do you mind if I edit your email addy here to the same one as LP, so that your gravatar shows up? I like her.

  4. Of course you can Tigtog.
    A wingnut I was arguing with on a discussion board once (before blogging) said he’d copied her to “rescue” her from me (ie. scary nasty feminist). LOLZ

  5. D’oh! so I publish the comment with the old email…
    Brain fried.
    Now fixed.

  6. Your wingnut sounds like the sort who thinks all feminists are “scary nasty”.
    I guess just like the moderate Christians are sick of fundamentalists hijacking the public face of Christianity, the feminist movement keeps on getting IDed with the extreme separatist radfems, who are such a small minority and also widely misunderstood in any case.

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