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BFTP: Hyphenating – who goes first?

…what is seen as usual – the woman’s name first, the man’s name last. This has become so customary that when my husband and I chose to hyphenate our surnames for the kids with his name first and my name last it was considered odd.

BFTP Otterday: Otters Will Fuck You Up (and Open Thread)

Some newcomers to Hoyden may have received the impression, over the past few weeks, that I think otters are cute little cuddly furry things. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vicious little weasels, the lot of them, and I love them for it. Here’s a video of otters showing a crocodile just who’s in charge.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires.

BFTP – Friday Hoyden: Pippi Longstocking

Pippi is everything I wanted to be as a child but didn’t know how – outrageous, loud, anti-authoritarian, strong, free-spirited, messy, generous, powerful, and brutally honest. She is self-sufficient, thinks “ladylike” is a loud of hooey, and is an efficient dispenser of justice to bullies. Her shoes are too big, her clothes are a mess, she can lift a horse over her head, and nobody knows what to do with her. What’s not to like?

BFTP: Slash and Teh Magick Testicles of Perspicacity

Like all good evolutionary psychologists who focus on gender, Don hasn’t bothered to talk to any actual *whispers* women. Especially not to any women who write and/or study this, erm, *whispers* smut. Because women can’t define their own experience, can’t tell their own stories, can’t have any useful insights into their own motivations. Because women’s fan academia doesn’t really exist in any meaningful sense, not until chest-beaters come along and put their stamp of Knowledge onto it. Because women’s culture is there to be picked apart with tweezers and analysed with a touch of distanced fascination, a modicum of distaste, and a whopping serve of wilful ignorance. For lo, he has Teh Magick Testicles of Perspicacity. Here, let him show you them.

BFTP: Friday Hoyden – Eleanor of Aquitaine

Another Summer Slowdown blast from the past post from the archives.. A long time e-friend in 2006 welcomed the arrival of his second daughter, to be known as Eleanor.

I love that name, as Eleanor of Aquitaine (at various times Prince of Aquitaine as ruling Duchess, Queen of France, Queen of England, Queen Mother and Regent of England) is my favourite historical hoyden. EofA is, indeed, how I judge the quality of any encyclopaedia I encounter.

BFTP: How To Be A Bitch

This is not a repost exactly, as I am revisiting more than one previously published post in response to yet another comment left over at FF101 about How Feminism Killed Chivalry, So Enjoy Lifting Those Heavy Parcels Ladies, Because It Serves You Right. This is a favourite trope amongst the antifeminists, about how feminists will be sorry Real Soon Now because they’re saving themselves for real feminine women, who know how to be properly grateful when a man makes a big display of how nice he’s being right now when he could be being really nasty instead, but he isn’t being nasty right now, because he’s just Such A Nice Guy especially just for you.

BFTP: So, how does one tell the axe-murderers from the con-artists?

This repost is part of our Summer Slowdown program of revisiting the blog archives, and was originally published in February 2006. I’m including this not because it’s anything special as a piece of writing, but because of how times seem to have changed so quickly over the last few years regarding meatspace meetups of cyberbuddies – I don’t think anyone hardly bats an eye any more.

BFTP: Am I being too much of a snob?

Am I saving myself as much time and possible grief as I think I am when I refuse to read their blog if I click on a commentor’s profile and find that they’ve listed The Da Vinci Code as a favorite book?