BFTP: If bare midriffs and short-shorts really made athletes run faster

then this is what the male sprinters would be wearing.

Two men sprinters have been photoshopped to make their uniforms look like the women's uniforms

Yes, we're running faster!

This repost is part of our Summer Slowdown revisiting of the blog archives. This post was originally published on 30th August, 2006.

It’s instructive to compare male and female track costumes over the last few decades.
The 1984 Olympics:

1984 Olympics - women sprinters (L), men sprinters (R)

1984 Olympics

The 2000 Olympics:

2000 Olympics 4x100 relay teams - Australian women (L), US men (R)

2000 Olympics 4x100 relay teams

The August 2006 European Championships:

2006 European Championships - women's race (L), men's race (R)

2006 European Championships

Strange how the costumes are moving in opposite directions on the short-long axis. At the next Olympics I expect these empowerful women to be running in Sports Corsets.


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