Summer Slowdown appears to have arrived

By which I mean that all of us are busier than blue-arsed flies with meatspace end-of-year stuff; thus the blog slows down as we all enter the increased-social-obligations period. Not that Summer appears to have bothered to arrive on the East Coast of Australia, where I am wearing many layers and doing my gardening in gumboots due to the unseasonal cold- sauna-ish conditions. But it will be school holidays soon, regardless of the weather, and the Giftocalypse of xmasolstichanukkwanzaa etc follows hard on those heels.

What this means for the blog: over the next few weeks we will be reposting some of our favourite posts from 2011 (these will be tagged blast from the past, and generally being a bit more light-hearted and quick-linking to interesting things rather than analysing them ourselves (except for when we just can’t help ourselves, which tends to happen every now and then). If you’ve got a favourite post from earlier in the archives that you’d like to see reblogged, please just let us know.

Nore to the point, here comes the blegging: if you’ve ever vaguely thought about submitting a guest post to us from either your archives or worked up from that swirling idea you haven’t quite got around to nailing down yet, then now would be a really good time to send it to us. Just remember that we do have a bias towards folks who’ve either commented here substantively on more than one occasion, or who else have a blogging archive which syncs with the sort of topics we frequently cover here.

I hope that at least some of you are enjoying some terribly decadent parties that somebody else is paying for.

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  1. This Friday is my first ever terribly decadent party that a corporation is paying for! I’m excited.

  2. I have a pre-school graduation on Friday then a work lunch at a winery next Thursday (not paid for by someone else unfortunately). Lucky for my workmates I don’t partake of wine so if they decide to have a couple with lunch I can drive us all back to the office where they can have a slow afternoon of letting the alcohol leave their system before going home. Then one more day of work and I’m on holidays. With the kids. Until school starts. I hope I don’t come to regret that…

  3. See, this is the time of year when I actually have time/energy to write because there is the end of uni and I am deeply not into Christmas! So hopefully I shall be present more than I have been?

    • It must be rather restful to be deeply not into Christmas. I’m not religious at all, but the social obligations do mount up, and of course it’s when it’s easiest to take the kids off on holiday trips.
      Anyway, feel free to run blogging wild!

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