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Open Lymond Chronicles Casting Thread

Quite a few people I know are fans of Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles, centred upon a scapegrace Scots nobleman navigating the intrigues of the Tudor/Stewart/Suleiman era whose talents and flaws (and associated collateral damage body count) exceed those of Sherlock Holmes, Batman and Iron Man put together.

BFTP: If more Hollywood producers read Bob the Angry Flower

This is a Lazy Summer repost of an old post, with some highlights from comments on the original post added, since they add to the snarkfest. Given that the Abbott government seems to be full of “rationalist” policies owing more than a small debt to Objectivist Libertarianism, it seemed like a good time to remind folks what unregulated government of prime movers for prime movers would actually look like.

Wendy and Peter Pan and the RSC

Hands up who knew (or at least now remembers that they once knew) that the original play (and subsequent novelisation) by J.M. Barrie was titled “Peter Pan And Wendy” rather than just the “Peter Pan” that current publications and productions favour?

Friday Hoyden: Fictional Female Protagonists

In the wake of a bunch of recent posts, I’ve been thinking about women’s characterisation in fiction a lot. My next fiction purchase will be Grimspace by Ann Aguirre, and I’m sending an Open Call for guest Friday Hoyden post pitches featuring female protagonists, because I need recommendations for the gifts I’m going to give everybody this year.