BFTP: If more Hollywood producers read Bob the Angry Flower

This is a Lazy Summer repost of an old post, with some highlights from comments on the original post added, since they add to the snarkfest. Given that the Abbott government seems to be full of “rationalist” policies owing more than a small debt to Objectivist Libertarianism, it seemed like a good time to remind folks what unregulated government of prime movers for prime movers would actually look like.

… they’d never greenlight tosh like Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (part one!). Although perhaps the immense suckage about to be inevitably generated by this waste of cinematic talent will finally bring randroids the level of mockery from the general public that they have always richly deserved? We can always dream.

A cartoon strip showing what would actually happen if the followers of John Galt won their victory

Bob the Angry Flower's Classic Literature Sequels – ATLAS SHRUGGED 2: ONE HOUR LATER


    Title Panel reads: Bob the Angry Flower’s Classic Literature Sequels – ATLAS SHRUGGED 2: ONE HOUR LATER

  • 1st Panel: [on the horizon is a city in flames, in the foreground is Bob the Angry Flower with three prime-mover heroes of Atlas Shrugged]
    BOB: At last! We, the CREATORS, the ENTREPRENEURS, the TITANS who make the world work, have GIVEN UP on the compromised bureaucratic society that held all of us back!!!
    BOB: And LOOK! It’s on FIRE now!
    BOB: That’ll teach ’em to submit to GOVERNMENT COERCION!!!
  • 2nd Panel: [closeup on Bob with one woman standing behind him]
    BOB: Man, being proved right makes me hungry! What’s for lunch?
  • 3rd Panel: [mid-shot of three prime movers]
    PRIME MOVER MAN 1: Don’t servants create lunch?
    PRIME MOVER MAN 2: I only know how to pay people to create new alloys!
  • 4th Panel: [wide-shot of all with flaming city in distant background]
    BOB: Waitaminit – NOBODY remembered to bring an inexhaustible labor force of ROBOTS???
    PRIME MOVERS: um. er. ep.
  • 5th Panel: [closeup of Bob the Angry Flower shaking the shoulders of a new figure – the author, Ayn Rand]
    BOB: What’s the plan NOW, GENIUS??
  • 6th Panel: [closeup of an anguished and panicking Bob]
    BOB: We’re all gonna have to TILL the SOIL!!!
  • Final Panel: [wide-shot of a barren landscape under a blazing sun, Bob and a human figure in the background are wielding hoes and sweating buckets]
    Text: Hard Months Later
    BOB (thinking): This sucks.

H/T to book_gal on the Shakesville thread for the Angry Flower link.

A comment I made on the OP (when is someone going to create a proper sarcasm tag?): I dream of a world where the entrepreneurial spirit is no longer crushed by faceless bureaucrats! I want to have my entrepreneurial spirit to be free to shine brightly in a world of unscrupulous plutocrats and oligarchs unconstrained by any commercial regulation whatsoever! I just know they’ll recognise me as a kindred spirit rather than a naif waiting to be fleeced! Why wouldn’t they?

Another comic from Angry Flower – Murder in Galt’s Gulch.

Bob the Angry Flower: Murder in Galt's Gulch

Murder In Galt’s Gulch

* Panel 1: A long-shot of a mountain valley, the sun just rising. A word-bubble hangs at the top of the panel.
Multiple voices: GASP!
* Panel 2: Bob and a group of prime movers stare at the headless corpse of a man in a suit.
BOB: Midas Mulligan, greatest banker of our epoch, is DEAD!
DAGNY: Who could have done this?
* Panel 3: close-up Bob’s face
BOB: Not who…WHY.
* Panel 4: Dagny and Bob
DAGNY: Perhaps someone desired his WEALTH?
BOB: To the extent of initiating the threat of FORCE?
* Panel 5: A prime mover and Bob.
Prime Mover: What about a crime of passion?
BOB: NONSENSE! Emotional actions are IRRATIONAL.
* Panel 6 & 7: Closeups of Bob hypothesising.
BOB. No. There can be only one conclusion.
BOB: There is no rational motive; therefore…
* Panel 8: Bob strikes a pose before the gathered onlookers
BOB: …this murder…DID NOT OCCUR!!!

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  1. PZ Myers decided to poke some Libertarians over at Pharyngula on New Year’s Eve/Day. Obligingly, one decided to come and make the absolutely most half-arsed Glibertarian assertions that the Horde then shot down. Entertaining, if one likes watching fish shot in a barrel, and a useful source of relevant links for future encounters.

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