Every Australian Novel Ever!

Guest Hoyden Bio: Our Guest Hoyden today is Adelaide writer, critic and editor Kerryn Goldsworthy, reproduced with permission from a post she made on Facebook.

bear in mind I am just riffing off the Canadian one — the first one I saw — which linked to the Irish, Russian, French and English ones. I did think we needed a List Of Our Own. Fellow Aust Lit nerds might also recognise something I have subconsciously borrowed from Professor Ken Stewart, the undisputed king of ASAL Parody Night.

Every Australian Novel Ever!

1) Four Characters from All Over the World Meet in the Bush and have Cryptic Conversational Exchanges, Often About Ants

2) Jesus My Friends are Horrible

3) Bruce was My One True Mate

4) I am an Old Woman Now and Cannot be Expected to Remember Things in Chronological Order

5) Shagging Several Different People, Some of Whom are on Drugs, Because Counterculture

6) Then There Was a Barbecue and All Hell Broke Loose

7) Finally I Found my Soulmate, who was Immediately Killed in the War

8) Surfing, Vols 1–17

9) Arabella, how Boldly and Divinely you Sit Astride your Horse with your Golden Curls Shining in the Hot Sun, and I Bet you can Kill and Gut a Sheep As Well and Cut it Up Into Chops

10) I Just Had to Get Out of Australia

11) A Man Travels from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere and Then Back to the Northern and Then Back to the Southern and his Bank Balance Goes Up and Down, and Then He Dies

12) An Explorer Travels Inland, and Then He Dies

13) A Jewish Scholar Makes it Out of Germany Just In Time and Travels to Australia, and Then He Dies

14) A Wild Girl Bravely Saves Her Little Brother, and Then She Dies

15) It was the War/Depression/First War/Pioneering Days/Convict Days, We Had to Do All Sorts of Appalling Things

16) Their Ancestors Had a Terrible Secret

17) The Frickin’ Landscape

18) The Divine and Mystic Landscape

19) The Landscape

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6 replies

  1. Number six also has the bonus of covering at least one piece of classic Australian theatre.

  2. Number ten is TEH STORY OF MY LIFE eleventy
    So’s sixteen.

  3. Tee hee.
    I think I will organise my Australian books using this list.

  4. I think most of my degree was OMFG TEH LANDSCAPE.

  5. Drinking Tensely in Melbourne’s Inner North Suburbs
    (although that may just be a variant of #6)

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