2015 Australian Women Writers Challenge

Black silhouette of an apparently female figure in a top hat on a green background (with some faint writing in the top and bottom thirds), with the words in white: 2015 Australian Women Writers Challenge

Way back in 2012 I participated in the inaugural Australian Women Writers Challenge.

After a couple of years off, I have decided to get back into it.

In summary, person can sign up to read a specified number of books within the year, and to write a (smaller) specified number of reviews. There are different levels of the challenge, and you can add other aspects to your own challenge to make it more personally challenging.

The levels have changed a little – I am going for the Franklin again, which is still 10 books, but now 6 reviews (rather than the 4 in 2012).

And here are my additional challenges:

(1) No repeat authors.
(2) No books I have already read (although I am allowed to read books by authors whose other books I have read before).
(3) No repeat genres (sub-genres count as separate genres for this purpose).
(4) At least three substantial reviews.
(5) At least four Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander authors (up from two last time).
(6) At least two immigrant (or first-generation-Australian) authors (up from one last time).
(7) At least two books set in a rural setting (up from one last time).
(8) I aim to finish the challenge by the end of February.

You can find me on Goodreads if you prefer, although you will only be able to view my profile if you are a Goodreads member. I really only use Goodreads for the AWW challenge, so don’t expect anything too exciting.

So: who’s joining me?


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