Insufferable coffee snob gloat

I just got a brand new Rancilio Silva espresso machine, and you (probably) don’t have one. It is built like the proverbial brick shithouse. I need no longer dread any difficulties finding our cricket bat to combat an intruder: the… Read More ›

Dignity in relationships

“During the course of my relationship with my husband I have not given space to conjugal conflict, even when his behaviour has been such as to merit it” “Now that my daughters have reached adulthood, the example of a woman… Read More ›

Bring in the real women

Repellent, it appears, is the mot-de-semaine: I think American society would benefit greatly if we got rid of all the Sara Jessica Parker wannabe stinky swanks and sent them to the deepest arm pits of Africa. We should then bring… Read More ›

The accrued labour of others

“Fashion is a craft, not an industrial, conception, exemplifying to perfection the labor theory of value. The toil of many hands is the sine qua non of fashion. The hand of the weaver, the cutter, the fitter, the needleworker must… Read More ›

Damir, Damir, Damir

Just when the world of tennis seems to be boring and predictable (Williams, Federer, Federer, Williams), you can always count on Damir Dokic to liven things up a bit. JELENA Dokic has again been forced to rubbish the claims of… Read More ›

Rocket royal

Brilliant marketing ploy, but will he still be her boyfriend once the rest of the royals stick their pursed lips into this plan? Princess Beatrice is set to become the first Royal to travel into space. The 18-year-old daughter of… Read More ›

Cattiness and choice feminism

Thus, the problem with criticizing a woman for being appealing to a patriarchal beauty standard, you are, whether you like it or not, feeding the belief that women are catty. Moreover, it feeds the notion that conventionally attractive women cannot… Read More ›