Bring in the real women

Repellent, it appears, is the mot-de-semaine:

I think American society would benefit greatly if we got rid of all the Sara Jessica Parker wannabe stinky swanks and sent them to the deepest arm pits of Africa. We should then bring in real women from all over the world who would know how to treat a man and let the man handle the finances.

Just one comment from the prime specimens in this thread. Read the lot (unless you have a TMJ condition – teethgrinding is really bad for that).

via Jill at Feministe

Addendum: There are more prime specimens elsewhere, enough for us all! However, if all us stinky skanks don’t start behaving more like real women right now, they’re going to just not talk to us, and they might even burn their ties!

MENINISM is the catchcry of a movement of males who will storm the streets and burn their ties, rallying against the “all men are bastards” image that has an entire sex pigeonholed as violent, heartless and untrustworthy.

This is according to a new study saying there is a competing interest to the feminist struggle for equality; men and boys are now the target of negative stereotypes.

The research shows almost 70 per cent of social commentary on the male gender is unfavourable ““ portraying men as violent, sexually abusive, unable to be trusted with children, “deadbeat dads” and commitment-phobic.

Dr Macnamara apparently found it unnecessary to actually do a comparative study for whether mentions of women in media were equally negative, because apparently it’s just obvious that if the media is making men feel unfairly maligned by stereotyping then it couldn’t possibly also do the same to women.

via Amanda at Pandagon. More from zuzu at Feministe

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  1. I can’t help but wonder where on earth he dug up these media articles where the only good men were “metrosexual” types. Has he not read any newspapers lately? Articles about our elected representatives and their gloriously matey masculinist ways?
    And does the “burn our ties” threat arouse any response in women apart from a single raised eyebrow and a “Whatever, good luck with that, why are you telling me this?”

  2. We should then bring in real women from all over the world who would know how to treat a man and let the man handle the finances.
    This person is extremely confused.
    Even back in the dark old days of the patriarchy when women were kept barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, they usually controlled the family finances. It was just another household task that women took on.
    And the even sillier thing is that in developing countries the tendency for women to be head of the household finances is even stronger. So bringing in women from all over the world is unlikely to help our unlucky commenter get more beer money from the budget.

  3. Exactly, Yobbo. I know my mum’s cousin who married his lovely Filipina wife and has had a blissful 15 years with her now wouldn’t imagine anyone handling the finances better than she does.
    I also pity the fool that thinks the average Filipina or other Asian woman is a submissive walkover just because they’re strongly into family, or that a Middle European woman will put up with crap just because she came from a country with a tanked economy.
    Men and women who treat each other with respect and trust get along better. Is that so hard for anyone to understand? Just because some men and some women are manipulative or whiners or users doesn’t mean all of them are.

  4. Who on earth chose “Meninism” anyway? A political philosophy based on war memorials? A mezzanine floor misheard? Revolutionary Marxism for the inner bloke perhaps?
    We could have fun trying to make up meanings…

  5. I think Meninism is very important. Even today, we should not forget those who fell in the Great War.

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