Insufferable coffee snob gloat

I just got a brand new Rancilio Silva espresso machine, and you (probably) don’t have one.

It is built like the proverbial brick shithouse. I need no longer dread any difficulties finding our cricket bat to combat an intruder: the coffee filter holder alone could easily fell an ox. Yes, I will be updating this post with pictures once I’ve picked the kids up from school.

Update 17 Feb: or I’ll get around to putting the picutre up on the weekend, actually.
originally uploaded by tigitogs. Note industrial-grade new coffee filter on right and old plasticky Saeco one on left for comparison.

We were meant to get it yesterday as our mutual V-day present, but it was a day late getting delivered.

You know what this means, don’t you my fellow coffee snobs? Yes, now I have to start roasting my own beans.

Addit: I’ve had the first cup of coffee, and now I know exactly how Harry felt a few years ago.

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  1. You know what this means, don’t you
    Yeah! You’re a latte sipping lefty!!
    Now where’s my chardonnay…

  2. A latte-sipper, a chardonnay-swiller and a bruschetta-muncher walk into a bar . . .

  3. In mother Russia, espresso drinks you!
    We bought a machinetta “” “” and have never drunk nicer coffee.

  4. We’ve still got one for going on hols, BK. They are pretty good, but the truly insufferable coffee snob demands more control over water temperature and pressure. Coffee control-freaks, unite: you have nothing to lose but your lack of adequate crema!

  5. Congrats on the Silvia. May your days be full-bodied and frothy.
    Our roaster just broke this weekend – it swirls and whirls and makes loud noises still, but it seems the element is gone. Anyone know who will fix an Imex in Aus, or where I can buy a new one?
    p.s. I dropped into Gloria Jeans, on account of it’s local and I was passing by, just to see whether they had any beans roasted in the past week. Chatting with the barista, I explained that my roaster had broken. He looked at me with slightly furrowed brow, and asked, “You’re not planning to pass our beans off as your own, are you?”
    Hahahahhahahahahaha. Erm, no.

  6. Kids these days. Tch.
    I meant to comment weeks ago on your new go-faster red job, by the way. ‘svery pretty.

  7. Isn’t it? Shiny! and Steamy!

  8. First I see you blogging on LP and find you are both the parent of a child with autism and a coffee snob.
    (Nice Silvia by the way – getting a PID kit for it?)
    Makes me wonder about the relationships between blogging, coffee snobbery and being the parent of a child with autism.
    Are you also perhaps a member of CoffeeSnobs?
    As for Lara – have you tried Coffee Parts? I know they stock parts for espresso machines, not sure about Imex though. I’m still using a breadmaker/heat gun setup.
    Thanks for the interesting blogging Tigtog – keep it up, it is appreciated.

  9. Thanks, Grendel. Always nice to get some appreciation!
    I dunno about the PID kit – my ICS-fu is insufficient, as I don’t know what that’s for. (note to self – Google later)
    I procrastinate far too much as it is online to join Coffeesnobs. It would probably result in divorce, and then who would get the Silvia?

  10. I reckon the judge could ask each party to make an espresso and the best espresso gets the little Miss. A barista instead of a barrister – got to be cheaper.
    PID sets just help the Silvia maintain a stable temperature. If you end up getting really far to keen on your coffee you will end up at CoffeeSnobs, either to find a PID kit or to learn to roast your own coffee (and buy green beans!) – we even have hints on helping non-snob partners to live with their snob. . .

  11. Hi Grendel. I’m not sure that I’m willing to sacrifice my breadmaker to the coffee gods yet (and I don’t have a heatgun). I’ve actually been skillet roasting for the past couple of weeks with great success – much better results than the intertubes would have me expect. So long as I keep the pan swirling, I get a nice, consistent, even enough roast. I have heaps of beans in the stash, so don’t need anymore for a while yet (I get them from Ozgreens, not ‘Snobs.)
    Coffeeparts is terrific (I have a group brush and some bits and pieces coming from there), but they don’t do roasters.

  12. Will never feel annoyed about husband’s coffee habit again. I have now seen what could be the future. Must keep him away from blog posts like this at all costs. But lovely shiny machine. Shiny machines I understand.

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