tigtogmob at the Opera House

‘cos the tigling was having her debut performance there – as a member of the Sydney Region Combined Schools Chorus.

It was a fabulous showcase of public music education and the talented youngsters in our schools. Of special note were a 10 year old classical pianist and a 15 year old jazz trumpeter, both of whom probably have glittering careers awaiting them.

She was so excited and we were so proud. Special thanks to the lovely gentleman sitting next to me who swapped his seat so mr tog could have a better view of the section where our tigling was seated (there was a humungous suspended speaker blocking the view). His daughter played the saxophone beautifully.

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  1. My eldest granddaughter plays classical violin and jazz saxophone, so I’m glad to see another girl likes it too.

  2. The tigling also plays the saxophone (all the best girls do, obviously!).

  3. How many Tig (or Tog) related puns do you have stored up in there Tigtog?
    It wasn’t all that long ago when i used to sing in the Opera house as part of a combined schools choir. It is and it was a special privilege, especially, when I somehow wound up as part of a 10-12 person group, singing old islander folk songs, centre stage. Monk-ey, Tuuur-tle, Monkey, Tuuur-tle…
    Good on her. Oh, and i like you’re new place so much, I put you on my inaugaral blogroll.

  4. As many puns as I can get away with, Mikey 🙂
    I’m glad she enjoyed it and is keen to carry on. Her high school for next year has a good musical programme which the togster is already participating in (under a bit of protest, but he’ll be happier once she’s there too).
    Your new place is quite noice, too.

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