Yes Horowitz, this is exactly what the eevil libruls are up to

David Horowitz regularly gets shrill about liberal academic bias on American college campuses. Rosa Brooks in the LATimes takes him to task for this.

Michael Bérubé is one of the lecturers on Horowitz’s list of dangerous ideologues who are polluting the minds of innocent young Americans. He’s recently written a book called “What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts?“. Horowitz, predictably, hates it without having read it.

Chris Clarke occasionally gets too bored to write his usual insightful and moving articles and dallies with biting satire instead.

Mix. Stir. Enjoy the gratuitous social realism poses.

(More comprehensible for academics and those up to date with current American blog brouhahas, but anyone will love the pictures in Chris’ storybook)

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  1. What does David Horowitz and the Iranian government have in common? 😉

  2. Exactly.
    I just discovered where the meme of using Maoist material to highlight Horowitz’ activism arose (especially apposite because Horowitz dabbled in Maoism back in the day).

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