Paging the Hivemind: how to filter tweets?

One feature I really like on Facebook now is that I can create friend-lists and add my FB-Friends to whichever lists I choose, and then when I’m viewing my FB home page I can filter the news feed according to my lists – so I can view just family, or just bloggers, or just comedy contacts etc. Facebook also automatically creates list-feeds for the Pages that you’ve fanned, for people from the same region (assuming that others have properly configured that option in FB, amazing how many haven’t), for just Status Updates or just Notes or just Photos etc.

These filters tame the feed marvellously, because I can check updates from specific groups very easily (and if someone is a relative and a blogger and lives in Sydney too then they show up on each list-feed).

Twitter would be vastly improved if it had the same filtering functionality, don’t you think?

Obviously the hashtags are great for filtering by topic, but I would also like to be able to filter by group. So that you could easily look at the tweets just for your bloggy friends, or just for your rellos, or just for your celebrity crush? This is so obvious that I’m wondering whether some clever person has already come up with a desktop or online tool that does it. Anybody know of one?

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  1. Tweetdeck (a Twitter client running on Adobe Air) will allow you to do exactly this. 🙂

  2. @ Anji:
    I knew that there had to be something! And not only do I get to play with new Tweet toy, but also new Adobe toy as well? Awesome.

  3. Tweetdeck also allows those who may have more than one twitter identity to use it for both identities.
    It’s nice because you can set up groups fairly easily, as well as having it automatically search for #tags. I’ve got one for #fem2, one for #disability, one for #halifax. It also flags up any mentions of your name.

  4. It’s still also being actively updated, which is a good thing as it is making it progressively more stable on the Mac.

  5. Finding Tweetdeck v. handy, ta. Took me a little while to realise where they’d put various interface hooks, but now that I have it’s a breeze to use.

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