Gratuitous Burton: Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood

Found as a linked item on my Facebook home page (where you can now add latest HaT post updates to your friends-feed if you become a fan of the HaT Facebook page): Dylan Thomas’ famous “Play for Voices”. Below is just the first 9:16 minutes of the classic Under Milk Wood radio broadcast where Richard Burton was the First Voice – there are 12 episodes in all.

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  1. Such a luverley voice. ‘Though I do possibly prefer Alan Rickman’s.
    Many years ago (like about 26 years ago), I was the first voice in a youth drama production of Under Milk Wood. It was a wonderful part to read/play. As part of our preparation, we listened to this recording.

  2. Sprog the younger and I watched Sense and Sensibility last week while she was at home with a gastro bug. Rickman does indeed have a lovely voice, and once she got over the whole Prof Snape thing she liked seeing him as an unreservedly good guy.
    Mind you, I think he’s so good at playing bad guys (Die Hard, Valmont) and ambiguous characters such as Snape because there’s an element of coldness, a lack of passion, about him (one reviewer (can’t find a link- bother) famously hate-hate-hated Rickman’s Hamlet for that reason, other reviewers were merely less than impressed, despite acknowledging “his famed talent for seductive menace”).
    You could never accuse Burton of lacking passion.

  3. Ah, I found the link – it was Charles Spencer (weighing up every Hamlet he’s ever seen for the UK Telegraph – great slideshow), so this is a retrospective recollection rather than a review from the performance in 1992:

    Rickman’s Hamlet, played like a heavily tranquillised psychiatric patient, clutching his head like an advert for painkillers and delivering the verse in a voice drained of expression, was in the same league of awfulness as Peter O’Toole’s Macbeth. I’ve never been able to take this preposterous luvvy seriously since.

    Ouch. Harsh.

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