marriage equality

Media Circus: Parliament Resumes Edition

The 45th Federal Parliament of Australia should be interesting. As in ancient curse/benison “interesting”.

But as the Canberra politicians put on their solemnest faces today, the world keeps turning: what news story/commentary/analysis has grabbed your attention lately?

Rainbows everywhere

As I compose this post, the WordPress admin toolbar at the top of the page has a rainbow background. On social media, corporations have reworked their logos in rainbow hues. Over in the USA, rainbow flags are waving all over the place as same-sex couples rock up to courthouses and get married following SCOTUS ruling that state government bans on same-sex marriage violated constitutional guarantees granted by the 14th Amendment for all citizens to equal rights and protections under the law.

Media Circus: out of step

Our leaders are cynically dodging behind parliamentary procedure to avoid properly representing their electorates, while another damning Aboriginal death in custody report raises scarcely a blip on the national radar. As usual for media circus threads, please share your bouquets and brickbats for particular items in the mass media, or highlight cogent analysis elsewhere, on any current sociopolitical issue.

How to do a homophobic political ad

Bob Katter’s Australia Party are running a homophobic television advertisement to try and convince Queenslanders to vote for them instead of the alternative conservative political party, the Liberal National Party (LNP) in the forthcoming state election.