Rainbows everywhere

As I compose this post, the WordPress admin toolbar at the top of the page has a rainbow background. On social media, corporations have reworked their logos in rainbow hues. Over in the USA, rainbow flags are waving all over the place as same-sex couples rock up to courthouses and get married following SCOTUS ruling that state government bans on same-sex marriage violated constitutional guarantees granted by the 14th Amendment for all citizens to equal rights and protections under the law.

Congratulations to all those in the USA who now have marriage equality thanks to 5 of the Supremes voting for constitutionality. Commiserations to my Australian friends who do not yet have marriage equality – a strong majority of Australian citizens support it, it must happen soon. I look forward to dancing at your weddings.

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  1. I watched US twitter getting this news last night and cried so many tears of joy reading all the celebratory tweets. Our turn now please.

  2. It has to be soon. Surely?

  3. The featured photo on this post is of Hoydenizens at a Sydney marriage equality rally coming up on six years ago now ☹

  4. I want to celebrate but I cannot. As an historian, I actually fear what will happen next. Conservatives will be smarting from this. Smarting, and angry. I think they will want a victory, and quickly.

  5. Is your blog brand new VoW? I look forward to watching it.

  6. Thank you, It is brand new, One of the things I plan to bring to it is an historian’s view on current events. I was recently given access to the full texts of the last interviews that Lyndon B. Johnson ever gave. Unlike many in his party and on the left, LBJ knew what would happen in terms of the right wing backlash if Nixon fell. LBJ was also right, to an extent, about what would happen if Saigon fell.

  7. It happened really fast here in the US – in just two years it became legal in dozens of states. I wonder if social media is speeding up social change. I’m so amazed that my two kids will be growing up in a country that accepts same-sex marriage as normal! We have a long way to go, though.

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