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  1. I can’t Tuesday. I thought the related posts thing was the post and was wondering what thread tied them all together. Fail.
    Yes, it is interesting timing. Oooh look who has had a little boost in the polls – what’s that Kevin? Why yes I am cynical and bitter thanks for noticing.
    But as I said on Twitter last night, if this gets same sex marriage over the line then well and good. Then same sex couples can have the same rights to say ‘I don’t need no stinking bit of paper to tell me what is important in my relationship’ the same way het couples have.

    • Sorry about the related posts, Mindy. I posted from my phone and forgot to add the tags for marriage equality and same sex marriage. Any editor available to fix that? I’m on the road for another couple of hours.
      [fixed ~ M]

  2. Okay, so Kevin Rudd can’t do “team player” to save his life. Film at eleven, along with our other lead story: studies show the sky is blue, and water is wet.
    Nice he’s had the personal epiphany and all, but most people manage those without needing to call a press conference to announce the results.

  3. Nice choice for index thumbnail, Mindy. Thanks for the tidy-up on aisle Me.

  4. My first thought when hearing of it was that Rudd was just trying to get attention. But I subsequently discovered that the Greens have been pushing for their private members bill to for marriage equality to be considered in the next couple of weeks, so Rudd does actually have a very narrow time window to voice his change of view. Too bad he couldn’t have had the change of heart while he was PM, though perhaps if he’d remained PM he would have done an Obama.
    And given that the leaders of both major parties personally oppose marriage equality, having an ex-PM who is still in parliament change their opinion is significant. Also gave the government another opportunity to attack the opposition for the lack of a conscience vote for their MPs.

  5. The fact that it wedges Gillard as well is just an extra bonus eh Chris?

  6. Well one alternative is that he said nothing and then when it comes up in parliament he speaks then – and the same damage is done, or doesn’t speak and then votes for marriage equality which would be interpreted by Gillard supporters as a surprise attack.
    Or alternatively votes against marriage equality in a conscience vote even though he now supports it simply to support Gillard’s leadership and is not even in cabinet. Is the latter what you would have preferred to happen?
    btw I don’t think it wedges Gillard. The ALP have given their members all all conscience vote. It does perhaps highlight how some of her views are rather conservative (but that should be no surprise to anyone who has followed her policies) but its not really going to change any votes, except perhaps in Rudd’s electorate.

  7. Oh go and be all reasonable why don’t you Chris 😉
    although there is this…

    so in my defense I’m not the only one.

  8. Mindy @ 8 – heh that is pretty funny. Everything Rudd does is going to be interpreted through the lens of leadership whether its relevant or not – an unfortunate side effect of having an ex-PM in parliament.

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