Thank you Lara Giddings

…and the MPs of Tasmania who are willing to vote for marriage equality. I particularly like the fact that she’s refusing to bow to concerns about a constitutional challenge to this legislation (if it passes the Tasmanian Upper House) before the High Court: she’s not denying that it might happen, she’s just not conceding that a potential challenge should prevent her from pushing for reform.

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  1. Three cheers for Lara! But it is just a tad ironic. Can anyone else remember how long and hard Tasmanian pollies fought against the de-criminalisation of homosexuality?

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  2. All the more reason to be glad that Lara is pushing for reform I think! Good on her. Hopefully this will be the first domino…

  3. I was super excited to hear about this. It’s fantastic and makes me love Tasmania even more (though two awesome friends living there might have something to do with that).
    It made me sad the way she was spruiking it though. Marriage equality is not ‘the last piece of discrimination’. I truly with is was. But instead she’s erased the struggles of and discrimination faced by so many other people in Australia and in Tas.

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